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Privacy Policy
Le Fabulous Pty Ltd is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. This policy outlines our commitments to you in accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act (1998) and the ten National Privacy Principles (NPP’s) it contains.

The NPP’s regulate the manner in which we handle your personal information from initial collection to use and disclosure, storage, accessibility and disposal.

Collection of Personal Information
Le Fabulous Pty Ltd will only collect your personal information where and when it relates to the provision of services to you and the performance of our business activities. At no time will your personal information be disclosed to another company for that company’s independent use.

Whenever Le Fabulous Pty Ltd collects personal information directly from you or through a third party we will make every reasonable attempt at the time to inform you:

  • Why we are collecting your information
  • To whom we will disclose that information
  • Of the purpose(s) for which we intend to use that information

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information
In general, the primary purposes for which we collect your personal information include:

  • Providing information about upcoming specials and offers
  • Responding to your enquiries about our services

Information Security
Only staff that has a need to access your personal information to perform their job will have access to that information.

Disposal of Your Information
Personal information held by us will be destroyed or permanently de-identified when it is no longer required for the purpose for which it was collected.

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